In the university town of Los Baños, Laguna - the heart of the Philippines' agricultural research and innovation - a family saw the truth, that our health is at it's best when we feed ourselves with natural food. From there, Satya Graha Cafe was born in 2013, with husband and wife team Arvin Kisig Lopez and Angela Monalisa Castelltort, offering vegetarian and plant-based dishes to the community.

In 2014, an invitation to a provincial bazaar pushed them to venture out of that quaint cafe, into frozen products - with the best-selling Vegchon Kawali. However, this did not give the results they expected. The bazaar crowd was leaning towards snack food instead of frozen. This was a lightbulb moment, "Why don't we try offering our appetizer to this crowd?" they figured. That appetizer was a fried seaweed nori product that the crowds came for in droves.

From the magical fried nori chips, now known as the Sunakku Seacharon, their business grew. Eventually introducing the Sunakku Chichashroom and establishing Vegetari Vegetarian Products separately by 2015. Since then, Vegetari has stayed true to the goal of serving healthy and guilt-free meals to the Filipino. KindRed Alternative Meats was introduced shortly after, giving great-tasting options for those who are seeking to adapt to the plant-based lifestyle.